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Concierge Service

Repair Authorization

By submitting my contact information along with my vehicle identification and insurance claim number (if applicable) I hereby authorize NW Collision Services to repair said vehicle. Upon completion of repairs, I authorize NW Collision Services to bill and receive payment from the insurance company handling my claim. Furthermore, I hereby grant special Power of Attorney to NW Collision Services to endorse any insurance checks for this repair on my behalf. I understand that any deductible must be paid in full by either cash, credit / debit card, cashier’s check or insurance check before the vehicle will be released. *Personal checks with proper identification may be allowed up to $1000.00. Any other forms of payment (e.g. direct payment from the insurance) must be pre-approved prior to delivery of the vehicle.

In the event that legal action becomes necessary to enforce this contract, I further agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incurred. I understand that NW Collision Services is not responsible for loss or damage to the above-mentioned vehicle or the loss of articles left in the vehicle caused by fire, theft or any other causes beyond our control. And I further understand this company is not responsible for any delays caused by the unavailability of parts, back orders, insurance approvals, or quality assurance.

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